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"24 years" is a kind of 6 acts tragedy, relating sensible experiences we got from this world in a chronological narrative order, that the weft and literary structure is inspired straight from Goethe's "Faust".
This record is about the story of the One who's living, the ones who're singing it along, and the monster who's looking for turning everything alive into incorporated death.

Recorded live and mixed at « La Senelle » @ Laval (France) by Amaury Sauvé.
Mastered by New Alliance East Mastering (US).




released November 9, 2013



all rights reserved


NINE ELEVEN Le Mans, France

There’s no threat in here, just retreat. No more threat in here, just recess.

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Track Name: Fleeing From God...
Fuck your nine to five way of life,
fuck your school emulation
And verses of defeat
you force yourself to respect

Everything we learn,
there’s nothing left to understand from

Everything we love suffocates,
trapped between (4) classroom walls

Where the will of instinct
has been tamed,
Our feelings stormed
and torn from the bones
For being thrown to the apes

So let’s fuck the way taken
by common people
and fuck you all again
cause that’s what you expect from us :
Track Name: ... Defying The Sea
Learn to count first,
then to read,
and obey.

Make these ends meeting the hands
of the soul eaters, and the heart snatcher
Consume the rest of a life torn apart
by the painful feeling of letting everything passing by

Sounds like the payback
for playboys and playmates
whose play-rec’s life
now turns into playback

From fifteen to a banished sky,
we’d rather fuck the place up,
than spending long years
in places of death,
down in the dumps

Riding iron lines, grinding neons skies
Exploding tenses through space time
There’s nothing we fear,
Nothing we’re waiting for,
Nothing we need more than a deck,
a black ink cartridge belt,


spitting cigarette burns
carved in rage
and drawn on pages of sand
It’s the way black sheeps act and think
to let this fuckin’ ship sink

We hate ourselves better than you.
No, It’s wrong,
what should we do
Track Name: Face The Triangle
On the «grand Saint Antoine», the crow’s nest
is the last haven in this fuckin’ cell.
And up here,
we can feel hell blowing…
It storms on our heretic face.

Cannibals are huddled down there
and laid siege on the deck
Feeding their soul with love
for dead-eyed models
And ready to hit everyone
who dares not to sell
Their body and name to illusions they serve

«Hope» that got off their word
is rotting on the river’s left shore.
what could those who crossed
these muddy banks share?
If that’s not just fears and regrets ?

(-The sandman is speaking to us
from the crowd of cannibals :)

«You, the sheeps of God, our sweet Lord,
you shall rock
the quick and the dead
at his appearing and his kingdom.

All those you see around come up like :

- the ones who like all the pretty songs
- And they like to sing along
- and they like to drink beer bongs

But they don’t know what it means

So come join me in Eden,
where are drawn lines of heaven
That the common run of idiots
spends a lifetime working for none

And take place amongst the sentries
who look out for their sleep
Cause you and I know well
that a soft bed
Seals the strongest of the wills
better than a grave »

- what we answer back :
Track Name: Into The Storm
«This world is coming to an end,
letting hell thrive on each side
where all gods and devils stand,
to watch their drama putrefy

So there’s no one we have to deal with,
living or dead, no one we have to respect,
Bombing your dying show biz’,
It is just what we expect

Laughing at the death threats
from the dogs of the «order»,
If we turn the other
cheek it’s to bite you better

Jumping at your throat,
killing others with your own bones
What up y’all ?!
We killed 2 bitches with 1 skull

Story tellers of our own life,
The mindset tempered in steel.
We stand for the noise,
for the smell of the asphalt,
The blood and the sweat
of those who lived.

You, the sandman - the sold out one -
the success you’ve always run after
is now eating your mind

joining there alcohol fumes
and what’s left of your lines.
While a change with a heap of corpses,
is just what you’ll leave behind

It’s all, for you, about fairy tales
To tell with a tragic ton to the damned
You’re still keeping the heart tied on
With a spoon, lighter and lemon
Suffer beating inside lost beings
Is the driving force of your own history
But this film is just really too thin
For our real full life story

This world is coming to an end,
letting hell thrive on each side
where all gods and devils stand,
to watch their drama putrefy»
Track Name: Under The Foam
From Charybdis to Scylla, 
all sirens sing some serene songs
Which all got the smell of the circus,
the taste of bread
and a forked tongue

They all pretend
to have something to say
When they just have clothes to sell
and a new trend to fit in.
Don’t give a fuck about their satanist rhymes,
The brand of the new bad boy’s stream
Or better, the new boy’s band firm,
Disguised as The Crow
With the eyes of a cow.

Hell Yeah !
The New Kids On The Block
are back in the black crowd
Now they wish they sounded like
swedish witches
Just because they wear
sweet reversed crosses.

Anyway with black shoes,
black suits, black hats,
White cats
all look the same at night.

And when they promote music
as one would with a sex tape,
Grabbing the mic like a sex toy
And use empty words
to fill up the same noise,
No matter if they exhume god
while doing the job,
Or blow mottos robbed to an old fight club,

They’re just making business
out of something dead
Track Name: Never Fear A Goodbye
From haven we got hell
and heard the swell
Flipping a coin, with the last prophets,
Gods, devils and deads, the lost soul’s fate..
When you’re blessed by them,
this is what you get

And so, here everyone goes
Like a fish, weak,
does in a bowl
Willing to catch any bait
As any kid would with a treat
No matter the room, no matter the deck
There’s no threat in here,
just retreat

No more threat in here, just recess

How could this idiot feels good
In a sun that has never shone ?
Cause with heart broke and cheap glue
You may hang out on the clouds
You may float under lights
You might pretend to fight
But you’ll never feel anything warm
In this whole animals’ farm.

No matter the side,
the kind of tears and cries,
Everything and everyone
is getting off THE lie.
From those who sold the world
To the last of the teenage whores...

Cause, with empty arms,
Lost souls still need to believe

They must still believe
Still believe in this love

This love they know
The only one they know

They would give it all for
They would kill everyone for
They would sell their soul for

The same they always feel,
Again and again
Day after day,
when In the Sunset light,
They let a lipstick trace
on the glass…
Kissing the dead
met everyday inside