Never Fear A Goodbye




From haven we got hell
and heard the swell
Flipping a coin, with the last prophets,
Gods, devils and deads, the lost soul’s fate..
When you’re blessed by them,
this is what you get

And so, here everyone goes
Like a fish, weak,
does in a bowl
Willing to catch any bait
As any kid would with a treat
No matter the room, no matter the deck
There’s no threat in here,
just retreat

No more threat in here, just recess

How could this idiot feels good
In a sun that has never shone ?
Cause with heart broke and cheap glue
You may hang out on the clouds
You may float under lights
You might pretend to fight
But you’ll never feel anything warm
In this whole animals’ farm.

No matter the side,
the kind of tears and cries,
Everything and everyone
is getting off THE lie.
From those who sold the world
To the last of the teenage whores...

Cause, with empty arms,
Lost souls still need to believe

They must still believe
Still believe in this love

This love they know
The only one they know

They would give it all for
They would kill everyone for
They would sell their soul for

The same they always feel,
Again and again
Day after day,
when In the Sunset light,
They let a lipstick trace
on the glass…
Kissing the dead
met everyday inside


from 24 YEARS, track released November 9, 2013



all rights reserved


NINE ELEVEN Le Mans, France

There’s no threat in here, just retreat. No more threat in here, just recess.

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